The Design Process


Step 1 – The brief

We work closely with you to understand your kitchen requirements. Kitchens have very much become the hub of the home and are used for more than just cooking – whether your new kitchen is set to be the main family room, a space for entertaining or your home office, it needs to work for you.


Understanding your vision helps us recommend the best bespoke solution for you, taking into consideration your family lifestyle, storage needs, aesthetic choices, any other current home renovations and your budget.


At this stage we’ll look at the extensive colour, finish, style, worktops and appliance options available to see what works for you.


Step 2 – Consultation

Once we’ve discussed your initial requirements and visited your home, we’ll create drawings and designs to help bring your new kitchen to life.


Over this period, we’ll go back and forth making tweaks to the proposed kitchen as required and working with you to refine the functional and design choices.


We’ll also help you consider electrical and plumbing requirements and ergonomic factors which need to be taken into account to ensure the kitchen can be comfortably used by you and your household.


Step 3 – The fit

Our team are experts in the joinery and kitchen fitting industry, which means you’ll have the very best experience when it comes to the installation of your kitchen.


Familiar with the kitchen brands and styles we work with, our team can help save you money in the long run by identifying any potential issues ahead of time and working to create solutions.


We’ll provide you with a schedule, manage the whole process and leave you a new kitchen you’ll be proud to show off.